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Grow-In Fertilizer – 30% Slow Release Nitrogen

Willowlee Sod Farms’ Grow-In Fertilizer blend is made for established lawns. The goal is to help maintain a thick and healthy lawn. With slow-release nitrogen, our Grow-In Fertilizer will keep your grass greener for much longer. Slow-release nitrogen fertilizer gives your grass the nutrients it needs over a longer time period and has sustained grass growth for less mowing.

Recommended Rate: 5lbs per 1000 Square Feet
Available In: 3.5kg, 10kg, 25kg Bags
Recommended Season: Good Spring / Late Summer Fertilizer

How To Read a Fertilizer Label

Here’s an example using fertilizer 10-14-10:

  • 10 – The First number is nitrogen. This helps green up your turf and promote top growth.
  • 14 – The Second number is phosphorus. This promotes root growth and helps with plant establishment.
  • 10 – The Third number is potash. This helps fight drought and helps with high traffic.