Garlic White

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3 Garlic White

These 3 pack, jumbo sized white cloves will be ready to harvest late summer!

When To Grow Garlic: Plant in mid-September to October, at least 4 weeks before ground freezing. Many varieties can also be planted in early Spring.

How To Plant Garlic: Separate the bulbs into individual cloves, ensuring they are firm and intact. Opt for planting the larger cloves since they yield bigger bulbs - the smaller ones can be set aside for cooking. Insert them with the root end facing down, about 3 inches deep into well-drained soil. Enrich the soil with organic matter, manure, or a layer of mulch. Utilize raised beds for optimal drainage. Space the cloves at least 5 inches apart in rows that are 1 foot apart to ensure sufficient sunlight; more space allows for larger bulb growth. Maintain even soil moisture.

Growing/Harvesting Garlic: Harvest the flowers 10-14 days after they bloom to encourage the plant to direct energy into the bulb rather than seed production. Once the bulb is mature and the leaves have browned, carefully dig it up from the ground. Gently brush off the soil surrounding the roots immediately after harvesting.

Storing Garlic: Drying is a crucial step in curing bulbs; therefore, avoid washing them in water. Instead, remove them from direct sunlight and place them in a shaded, airy location. Keep the stalks and leaves intact, and either tie them into bundles or lay them out on screens or drying racks. Ideally, allow for two weeks of drying time. For storage, suspend the bulbs in mesh sacks or bags in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated space, maintaining a steady temperature of 15°C.

 Bulb Size

No 1

Bulbs Per Pack


 Bloom Size

24" H

 Sun Requirements

Part Sun



 Deer Resistant



Mar - Apr / Sept - Nov


Late Summer Harvesting

 Plant depth


 Space apart


Zone 3