Bird Seed - Squirrel Free

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Squirrel Free® is an all natural mix of bird seed that is attractive to birds and squirrels do not like it. We have had reports that grackles are also not attracted to this blend.

No Harmful hot pepper! There are no harsh pepper or chemicals added to ensure your safety and the safety of our animal friends. We believe that squirrels can be controlled without using harmful tactics It is both simple and effective. This is an all natural blend of the ingredients that are not attractive to squirrels. You will attract many birds that enjoy feeding from a tubular feeder or a platform fly through feeder. Ground feeding birds are also attracted to this blend. There are ingredients in this blend that attract cardinals, goldfinches, purple finches, sparrows, mourning doves, indigo buntings, pine siskins, and many more birds. Remember, the type of feeder you use will also determine which birds will eat this blend. Cardinals, sparrows, doves etc., prefer to feed on a platform low to the ground. We always ensure the finest and most attractive ingredients in our blends. All our seeds have the highest food to shell ratio available