Bird Seed - Muskoka Blend

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Muskoka blend is a practical year round formulation. This is a good blend for all locations and feeder types. Many different Canadian birds will be attracted to this formula.

You will see that there is a large amount of black oil sunflower in this mix. Black oil sunflower is the most attractive ingredient. There are no fillers in this blend. (We always consider wheat and milo as fillers)


If you're looking to attract birds of all shapes and sizes, Muskoka Blend is the way to go. This particular variety is chocked full of different bits for all birds.

The striped sunflower seeds have a harder, thicker shell making them a nice snack for larger birds. For their smaller counterparts, the white and red millet and canary seed are thrown into the mix. The Muskoka blend also caters to the ground feeding birds by including cut corn. The peanuts in this blend are the perfect equalizer as any of our feathered friends will gladly pick away at them.

Because there are some bigger seeds and pieces, the Muskoka blend is best served in hopper, platform, or tray feeder. 

Muskoka Blend munchers include...

  • Cardinals
  • Song Sparrows
  • Common Redpolls
  • Downy Woodpeckers
  • Mourning Doves